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3 ingredients for great skin.

  • Vitamin C

  • HA Hydraulic Acid

  • Ceramides

Bonus taking 2 tablespoons of the Collagen/HA matrix for 28 days.

Do you want to transform your skin? Getting specific on your products is all it takes.

1. Glow, baby, glow, with a daily dose of Vitamin C! If you

have uneven skin tone, sun spots, hormonal skin changes

like melasma, or just skin dullness you can't shake - it's

time to get some Vitamin C! Get more tips on the blog.

2. PLUMP. IT. UP. Hyaluronic acid is a fan fave for its super

gentle, yet effective, ability to increase your skin's ability

to retain moisture. This means immediately smoother,

younger-looking skin.

3. If you haven't started exploring ceramides, what are you

waiting for? Ceramides help seal in hydration, protecting

skin from environmental damage and dryness. More and

more products are jumping on the ceramide bandwagon;

An added bonus is of course the liquid collagen/ha Skin Biocell. Has Collagen type II, HA, and ceramides. BONUS! Make sure to check this out.

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