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Detox Tonic

There’s no other more important detox rule than this one: hydration! Whether you’re trying to lose a few pounds or you just want to flush the toxins out of your body, hydration is the key to making this successful. Start every morning by drinking two large glasses of pure water to kickstart your metabolism and help your body perform at its best. Make this tonic part of your 2 glasses of water.

Part of this 7 day detox is all about getting your gut in check and your flow back!

Here is a great Detox tonic - take this all 7 days!

Aloe - 1/4 cup

Fiber - 1 scoop

Oranges/grapefruit the juice - 1/2 cup of the juice.

Apple cider vinegar- tablespoon

Apple Cider Vinegar-

Apple cider acts as a general toner for your body and especially for the digestive system. It soothes digestive issues, has antibiotic effects, prevents indigestion, and aids in weight loss. The acetic acid suppresses the appetite, reduces water retention, and interferes with the ingested starches, reducing the number of calories that will enter your bloodstream. It also reduces water retention and helps your body burn fats.

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