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How does collagen help with Sunspots

Good News! Collagen's amino acids can also help minimize the appearance of dark spots and scars from acne or other skin issues. Collagen supplements have been found to promote healthy tissue formation, which speeds up the healing process so your skin can naturally repair itself.

This is something I thought I should bring up because I am now at that age that I'm noticing the beauty of getting older. Let's talk about what sunspots are and what I've been doing to get rid of them.

What are sunspots?

Sunspots are rather common. They are also called liver spots or solar lentigines. Anyone can have sunspots; however, those who are more fair-skinned, or older than 40-years-old are more susceptible to sunspots. Sunspots tend to be pretty harmless, and it is more of a personal preference if you choose to treat them. The most predictable areas for sunspots to appear are on the back of the hands, the face, your shoulders, and your forearms. They are easy to identify, as they are flat brown spots that develop from sun exposure. Real sunspots are harmless and are noncancerous. However, if you see changes in your spots or new ones appearing, it is always recommended to have your dermatologist examine your skin for good health.

What I use from the inside out!

So, on top of taking the liquid collagen (I switch between the skin and the life each month ), I also use our skincare line that also has the same liquid collagen matrix as the one I drink. The face cleanser is amazing and I have been using the modern body bar for my face wash and love it but, recently switched. Now, that I have switched over to the double cleanser dang girl I feel so fresh and so clean. I add in the serum and moisturizer. All of these have the patented formula that the liquid collagen has in them. So needless to say I am working on getting rid of these sunspots. I also have coupon codes to share! Here is a link for my exact products plus a discount code attached to it.

Just peachy with lindsay

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