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How Liquid Collagen can help Acne

Updated: May 20, 2021


Liquid collagen can not only help clear skin from the inside, it also helps heal the damage the breakouts make on our skin and can help heal the scars. Collagen affects our skin on the deepest levels. Now I'm not talking about a collagen cream I'm talking about a liquid collagen you take by month. When you take liquid collagen by mouth it is delivered to your bloodstream where it is then carried off to the skin and tissues.

The Key building blocks of your skin is the superhero COLLAGEN and not all collagens are created equal. Our collagen has the collagen/HA matrix and is a combination that no one has.

So tell me how it works? Like this: acne creates an area of the skin that’s basically having a mini crisis. With each clogged pore, or pimple, there is an overgrowth of bacteria. This bacteria is what causes swelling, redness, irritation, inflammation. And then, of course, we start to touch it.

These inflamed areas need time, TLC, and, as it turns out, collagen, in order to heal.

So tell me how collagen for acne helps: For starters, simply supplementing with a tablespoon a day in the morning and night of our liquid collagen which has a 98% absorption rate and 7 International patents. It will help to create decent levels of collagen in the body. This helps to curb the natural decline that we start to experience in our 20s, and keeps collagen readily available when your body needs it most.

And when our skin is damaged by an acne breakout, that collagen is put to good use in help with healing the wound. Collagen plays a key role in scarring as it’s used by the immune system to close the wound and form ‘new’ skin in the area.

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If a lifetime of vibrant, healthy skin is important to you, adding collagen to the mix (early and often) will improve elasticity, combat wrinkles, and help in healing issues like eczema and acne.



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