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How sugar Effects you

Updated: Aug 18, 2019

Knowledge will set you free! First lets start with a weekend scenario. You sit down at a "healthy" brunch spot with your friends. You look at the menu and want everything. It all sounds so healthy...Kale eggs Benedict, a veggie omelet, paleo breakfast meats, seven grain pancakes, acai bowls with homemade granola... how do you decide? Plus it's the weekend and you're with your friends and oh.... what to drink? So you go with the 7 gain pancakes, a side of fruit and a mimosa. Oh. and 3 nibbles off of your girlfriends sticky bun. Because it's the weekend  right? 

Well, this combination will send your blood sugar on a roller coaster and the only place your going is crashing down. Soon you will be craving more sugar and nofibrous carbs. 

WHY? because we are hardwired to eat and our hormones tell you to eat food that will raise our blood sugar as quickly as possible. By 4pm we are ready for night night. 

So, instead let's say that at brunch you got a veggie omelet, add avocado, and side of spinach and went with a vodka soda with a squeeze of lemon. This combo would give you a protein, carb, fat, and fiber. Help you stay full and you wont crave more food in 2 hours. 

WHY? because it won't spike your blood sugar and your hormones stay under control. 

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