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Joint Relief

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

💥Got joint issues???💥

Testimonial by Roz T:

I refused to get knee replacements because I knew I'd find something to help me. I started taking the collagen Pure twice a day. 1 tablespoon in the morning and one tablespoon at night.

When I woke up I noticed my knee was not hurting. I am trying to regrow my cartilage. It is bone on bone and can be extremely painful plus now the rain bothers my knee and hurts terribly because this is the rainy season where I live.

After I had been consistent in taking my collagen I've been waking up feeling wonderful without any pain .Thanks to the collagen I slept like a baby without a care in the world and woke up just fine! This stuff really works!!!

Facts on joint pain and you'll read this because you are looking for something to change.

Ever wonder why your joints hurt, or get stiff? How about degenerate? 🤔Here’s how it basically ‘goes down as we age...

Unlike muscles, glands and organs, which have a rich, direct blood supply for nourishment and healing, your joints are a bit different. Instead, healthier joints produce higher amounts of a unique fluid, called ‘synovial fluid’. This fluid is really the ‘life blood’ 🩸 of our joints, that provides lubrication and cushion- like WD-40 for your joints, and most importantly initiates healing and repair 🩺 🚨 to your joints resulting from injury, aging, and general ‘wear and tear’, to help prevent stiffness, discomfort, and degeneration. Basically, it slows and reverses the ‘aging’ in our joints, and people who have healthy joints can produce adequate amounts of this fluid well into their later years. However making this fluid can be a challenge, here’s why...

While the majority of the cartilage in your joints is tough, 💪 durable, and flexible 🧘‍♀️ because it is intended to act like a shock absorber and basically ‘hold things together’. The thin, delicate portion of our cartilage, that holds this healing fluid in your joints, called Hyaline Cartilage, is not. It’s called this because it’s dense and rich in an anti-aging substance called Hyaluronic Acid or H.A. (see the ‘Hya’ prefix resemblance?)This cartilage’s primary job is to produce H.A. and a fluid called ‘synovial fluid’, to heal and repair your joints. Without this fluid, ALL of your cartilage can tear, rupture, breakdown, and transmit sensations of discomfort more easily. And, when this cartilage becomes damaged, it has a harder time producing adequate amounts of synovial fluid, and therefore less able to repair your joints from aging, injury, or illness! Then you can get stuck in a downward spiral of discomfort and stiffness that most people encounter as we age.

As we age, our joints can be damaged by:

⛔️Injury and repetitive physical stress or excessive strain 🤽‍♂️🤸🏽🥊

⛔️Situations where our immune system attacks our own tissues such as our joints or connective tissue.

⛔️Inflammation and poor diet 🥘 🍟🍭

⛔️And even many medications can degrade this cartilage such as NSAIDS (pain relievers), and Corticosteroids to name a few.💉🧪

The problem still remains that damaged, aging joints cannot fully support recovery and heal without proper support, until a few years ago…

Something was developed that can be taken orally, that can help support healthy cartilage as demonstrated in 37 clinical trials

✅To include studies done on people with severe joint discomfort.

✅It has been shown to decrease joint discomfort and stiffness.

✅And, it also helps reduce skin wrinkles due to it’s high H.A. content. It’s now being used by thousands of people to help support healthy joints and skin.

If you want more info on our collagen check it out here Collagen 101

If you want to try it out I recommend 2 bottles of collagen taking it twice a day for 28days. Here's a discount code

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