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Powder VS Liquid Collagen

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

Our Liquid Collagen/ ha matrix is made from chicken sternal cartilage, which naturally contains high concentrations of collagen type II, hyaluronic acid, and chondroitin sulfate and closely mirrors the composition of human articular cartilage.

We use a patented manufacturing procedure that processes the sternal cartilage through filtration, purification, hydrolysis, and sterilization to ensure consistent quality and safety.

Our patented process remarkably removes impurities and reduces the size of all its molecules, making them highly absorbable and fast-acting. This composition is unique to The collagen matrix and cannot be found in any other collagen ingredients or blends. It is derived from humanely-treated chickens from the world’s most reputable and regulated farms. It is also GMO, antibiotic, and hormone-free.

On its also important to know we are a LIQUID COLLAGEN MATRIX kind of makes it even more amazing. Studies show that taking anything under the tongue gets to your system. the power of it is that it gets absorbed into the bloodstream and it doesn't go thru the normal digestive process like other supplements.

Most powdered collagen supplements contain ground-up fish, pig, and/or cow parts, and these parts act as sponges for contaminants and heavy metals. Many dermatologists and consumer groups are concerned because ground-up hooves, hides, and nerve tissues from cows can carry disease! 🤢

AND... the FDA is not able to closely regulate these companies that market powdered collagen and therefore can neither guarantee efficacy nor long-term safety. 🚫

ONLY BioCell Liquid Collagen/HA matrix:

Comes from a SINGLE SOURCE

Is non-GMO

Is Antibiotic & hormone-free

Is bio-optimized for rapid absorption.

Is certified by 3 third-party auditors, NPA & NSF

Is GMP compliant per FDA guidelines (not only met but exceeded!!)

Is hydrolyzed

Has a low molecular weight...meaning it is broken down to peptides that your body can absorb.

👉And most importantly, it is derived from chicken sternum as a by-product of humanely-treated chickens from the world’s most reputable and regulated farms! This single-sourced Collagen is the only one ever to mimic the human body’s Collagen!!! ... And it’s all-natural!

Head over to 5 fun facts about liquid collagen and read that as well.

Just Peachy with Lindsay

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