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Skin Care Mistakes

Let's start with I am not a professional at skin care I just know what works for me. I have dry skin that's for sure. Here are my top 6 skin care mistakes that will save you down the road.

  1. Not wearing sunscreen

  2. Not washing your face

  3. Not adding in exfoliation

  4. Not taking off the dust

  5. Not drinking enough Water

  6. Not adding in collagen

Sunscreen - I don't know about you but I was a sun baby, born in 1979 and lived at the pool all summer long. Today I make my 3 girls from ages 9-14 put sunscreen on every morning.

Wash your face at night- Ya know I never miss a night. EVER! My mom has great skin and she used a bar of soap to this day. So, as I'm aging I decided that I'm going for the bar of soap. I always use a serum and moisturizer as well. My skin need lots of hydration. That's also why I do not wash twice a day it drys out my skin.

Exfoliation- For me this is a must! I have to get all the pores that may be breading dirt and creating bumps and zits. I'm a firm believer that this has helped me and has prevented breakouts.

The Dust- I dermaplane once a month to get of the dead skin off. Did you know that you remove two to three weeks of dead skin when you dermaplane.

Water- I know, I know enough said about that!

Collagen - I take a tablespoon in the am and pm of liquid collagen everyday. The ingredients of HA , Collagen and Chrondrotin sulfate are all things that our body needs in order to rebuild and lubricate the skin and the joints. The liquid collagen has proven efficacy from medical research. It's a 60 fold increase in 28 days and prevent further break down. Here is the link to save $10 and read more about the Biocell Collagen

So thats a wrap these are my 6 tips TO DO so that you have glowing, beautiful skin don't make these mistakes.


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