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Spoil Your Skin

How to have healthier joints and younger-looking skin.

Yes, I'm Kind of a dork and I wonder why I didn't get straight A's in school. I do nerd out on things like this.

I like to know why things work so well and I REALLY like when there is research that backs it. Here is what I can tell you.

Our Life Biocell liquid collagen has a multi-layered benefit when it comes to putting the best collagen inside your body.

It synergistically supports both joints and skin for healthy aging.

Here is how...

The Collagen, HA, and the Chondroitin sulfate are both highly bioavailable. Which have proven in clinical trials that it helps reduce the oxidative stress and inflammation that accelerates the aging process. Yes, let's just slow it down a little bit, not trying to stay young forever, however, let's just enjoy the moments of youth a little longer.

I won't bore you with all the science details but I feel like you should know that our collagen has 3 important ingredients and those 3 ingredients make up the building blocks in re-building these tissues.

Hyaluronic Acid HA. is critical for healthy skin structure and is responsible for retaining water in the skin's dermis. So as we age like all things they decrease and the skin becomes dehydrated which results in saggy skin and formations of wrinkles! BOO!

Here is the research: Human subjects who took a daily dose of the Biocell Collagen saw HA levels increase 60-fold in their blood during the 28 days of the study period. It works! If you would like to see this research let me know.

Now like everything you need to be committed and take the Biocell for several weeks and you will see significant improvement. So SPOIL YOUR SKIN! A tablespoon a day or two and your skin will be so happy for you!

Here's a link to get $10 off your first order. You set up a FREE account and your discount will be taken off at checkout. Need this collagen Now

Just Peachy with Lindsay

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