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Why your skin loses its GLOW and how you can age gracefully.

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

We all don't have to lose the GLOW as we age, not sure about you but, I really thought I would look the same forever. Didn't you? Come on when you were in college nothing would ever change. Even as a 39-year-old woman I really thought getting older was going to be great and well it is great, never thought that my wrinkles, thinning skin, crows feet, aches, workouts would ever happen. Today I am 41 and well... it's all true things begin to sag and fall and your skin becomes dull and thin and not so glowy. Heck no! we have to change that! These are a few things I do in my daily routine to take back the glow or at least age gracefully. I have pretty dry skin but, all of the following have helped me a ton.

  1. Wash my face every night - The day's filth lingers, so if anything wash your face.

  2. Mask, once a week helps with moisturizing and delivers Ox3 to wake up my skin.

  3. Moisturizer - Love my moisturizer it has Collagen + HA (cosmetic grade), vitamin C it provides peptides, cocoa, and shea butter leaving my skin feel hydrated and helps with wrinkles.

  4. Serum- Yes, the serum is important it has collagen peptides and hyaluronic acid in it that in 5 mins tightens, firms. smooths my fine lines out.

  5. Liquid collagen- Yup, I drink my collagen every day and that helps hydrate me from the inside. This is one of my most important steps. More on this in another post, but the gist of this product is the.... collagen/HA, ceramides, vitamin C, 19 phytonutrients, it's amazing for decreasing dryness, wrinkles, and all the things.

  6. Eye cream- a little caffeine to de-puff my eyes I'm all in.

  7. Sunscreen another obvious one that people forget to do. However, sun damage is also the main cause of weakened collagen.

  8. Exfoliate at night at least 4 times a week. It really helps with breakouts. I love the Rodan and Fields exfoliant.

  9. Microblade once a week to take off the dust or the dull skin and hair. Shed the dead skin cells. If you don't you will have a grayish look no matter your skin tone.

  10. Drink more water which is annoying true Skin is your largest organ. Drink up a butter cup.

It seems like a lot of things just to get ready for bed, but it really isn't once you get your routine down plus it's worth it!

Just Peachy with Lindsay

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