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How does the Chocolate pudding work?

It’s a Product called trim and it’s a tablespoon a day. It’s an award-winning formula that contains CLA to improve muscle tone and support fat metabolism. Plus shrink fat cells!

The CLA in trim is clinically shown to inhibit fat storage, improve muscle tone and shrink fat cells.

So how does this little spoon full of Trim shrink my fat cells? I am so glad you asked! I love getting a little nerdy and if you know me you will know I really like to geek out on how things work in the body.

Couple of things to know about the Trim:

  1. It has the same collagen matrix in it as our liquid Biocell.

  2. It has CLA in it which is an Omega 6 - decreases body fat.

How does it work? Think of it this way the moment you take your tablespoon of pudding it goes into the bloodstream. Fat cells absorb fat cells the CLA helps to limit the absorption of new fat cells into your current fat cells. It basically blocks your current fat cells from absorbing new fat cells allowing your body to burn and shrink your current fat cells to start changing your body composition. I hope you could follow that!

Now hold up! That science is all 100% true, but we all know that achieving what we really want is also drinking enough water, eating healthy foods and this is a tool for us to use to help us along our journey. Not to mention that Trim also has our collagen matrix in it.

How does this help you? Simple... weight loss can make us dehydrated, wrinkled, and saggy it resupplies the body with collagen and HA helping improve the overall appearance. I know didn't think of that, did you? It's a well-rounded product. You can get my discount code to use on your first order. Click here Give me the discount code.

Just Peachy with Lindsay

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