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The Perfect Nighttime Skincare routine

We all know that beauty begins on the inside. We all know that we need to wash our faces every night, exfoliate, drink water, eat clean, and all of that good stuff. What you put on your face is also really important. Here are products I love and are helping my skin feel tight, moisturized, and glowing. Guess what it also has our collagen matrix inside it just like the liquid collagen. So here are my all-time favorites.

Wash with a bar of soap - Yup a bar of soap. The one I use cleanses skin without stripping of the moisture. I use to use just a cleanser however, I like to try new things and love this!

Apply serum - this little bottle of joy has helped boost my skin and visibly lifts and firms the look of my face. I use this morning and night.

Apply Moisturizer- you want intense hydration girl! this is it. Lightweight potent antioxidants plus collagen it's a dream on my face.

That's it! of course, I use a face mask once or twice a month and always some eye cream to help with dull eyes. Add your Skin liquid collagen to this and BAM! your skin will love you. Confidence on your face.

Here are two links to sharable carts if you want to start today!

Just Peachy with Lindsay

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